Abacus Frequently Asked Questions
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1.     What is ABACUS?
It is a tool for mental arithmetic. Leaning Abacus will stimulate the development of the right brain at an early stage. It helps the child’s inner abilities like concentration, speed, memory, accuracy and learning ability.

2.     Why is learning abacus a must while calculator is available for computing numbers?
Learning Abacus is a must for every child it is not just to do calculation, it is instrumental in developing whole brain and lifetime skills. Using Abacus requires co-ordination of the main nerves of the human body such as sight, sound and finger movement which will induce growth of brain cells. Learning Abacus stimulates the development of the right brain at an early stage.

3.     What is the benefit of learning ABACUS?
Learning Abacus improves concentration, listening skills, improve reading and writing skills, self-confidence, better memory and also improve the overall analytical skills of the child.

4.     What is the correct age to start learning Abacus?
Abacus can be learnt at any age, however we recommend a child starts learning Abacus from the age of 4½ to 14 years.

5.     How long does it take to learn?
Our programs are divided into 8 levels (starting age 4½ years). Each level runs for 3-4 months. You will see the significant improvements after 1 year in your child overall performance.

6.     My child is not good at maths. What should I expect?
Abacus training differs greatly from that of traditional mathematics. Lack of ability in traditional math does not predict any less success in the program.

7.     Will the abacus math be conflict with the method that is being taught at school math?

Sometimes, some students may be confused for a short while by the two distinct approaches to solve a math problem. However, no matter how different the approaches are, there is always a common logic for solving a math problem. Our well-experienced and highly educated instructor is aware of the potential conflict that is always turned into a great opportunity for the instructor to explain the math spirit by linking the two approaches together. The outcome is that the students are lead to a creative thinking and a better comprehension in math.

8.     Abacus is originated from China and well known in Asia countries. Will it be difficult for a student with a cultural background other than Aria to learn abacus math?

No. All the class materials were designed and created in English and have been used by several hundreds children born and living in the United States already. All the class instructions are also given in English. It appears that the abacus math program was well taken by the America born students and the enrichment benefit is also clearly observed from the students.

9.     My child has always been struggling in math. Will abacus math help?

Yes. Since school math is taught in a totally different way from the abacus math, poor math performance at school does not infer the same result from learning abacus math. Abacus presents multi-digit base-10 numeric relationships in a concrete bead-based system. Using an abacus, young children are easy to relate place values and comprehend the concepts of mathematics. Therefore, the abacus math is far more superior to regular math that is presented to children in an abstract form. Using regular math, children can use nothing but limited memory and brain power to solve arithmetic problems. According to our experience, many students who came to IQ Abacus Math School with lower than average math scores achieve top ranks in math at school after as few as 3 months attendances at the abacus program.

10.   My child has been tested to be proficient in math. What benefits will my child get by taking the abacus classes?

If a student has already been proficient in math at the appropriate level, the abacus math program will further boost up the math performance and meanwhile nourish the brain development. The student will need less time in understanding the math mechanism in abacus so that more time can be focus on finger training. It will not be long for the student to receive the benefits mentioned above.

11.   Does your math program require much time from my kid and me?

Class meets once a week and each class lasts for 80 minutes unless otherwise noted. Students in the Abacus Math program are recommended to spend a minimum of one hour a week for practicing and homework, unlink some other popular math programs that require students to spend hours every day on the homework. But still, the more time spent on practicing, the better.
It should be noted that parental support and involvement during the course of abacus learning is very important. Parents' encouragement and monitoring of the homework done in a proper way are actually keys to the success of the program.

12.   We have computers and hand-held calculation devices everywhere. Why bother learning the use of an abacus?

Abacus still remains a favorite math tool in the digital age. The unplugged (non-electrical) bead-based calculator is prosperous as a complement of modern computer and is also widely recognized as a mean for effective mental development in early childhood.
Learning abacus math is very important because it is instrumental for developing optimal intelligence and lifetime skills of problem solving. Arithmetic skill can be trained in various ways. However, resolving a mathematical problem quickly and accurately is not always accomplished by every child. Abacus mental math enables a child to calculate without the aid of any instruments. A child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his/her own mental power, anywhere, anytime. The abacus math program complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in schools and helps the students to be free from any fear of mathematics and gain better confidence

13.   What ages are suitable for this abacus math program?

It depends on the purpose of the pupil. If the purpose is to promote the IQ effect by nourishing the rapidly growing neurons before the prime times end, it is better to start abacus learning at a young age that is around 10 years old or earlier. Anyone who can count from 1 to 10 and backward should be qualified for taking the abacus math program. The earliest age to start the abacus math is normally about 5 years old. Relative older people start to learn abacus normally can achieve at an advanced level in a short time and enjoy the lifelong benefit.


14.   How can the abacus mental math help the school work?

Most of young children started to learn "numbers" by counting their fingers. It is difficult for them to comprehend numeric relationships beyond the number 10 for lack of countable objects. Using regular math, children can use nothing but limited memory and brain power to solve arithmetic problems. Abacus presents multi-digit numeric relationships in a concrete bead-based system. Using an abacus, young children can relate number values and comprehend the concepts of mathematics easily. Therefore, the abacus math is far more superior to regular math that is presented to children in an abstract form.
Abacus math establishes numeric relations in a clear and logical way for small children. The abacus mental picture training will elevate memory power and improve concentration of a child. The speed training enables the child to respond to questions promptly. In addition, the speed hearing training encourages the child to dedicate full attention to study by listening more attentively and effectively. Ultimately, the abacus training will make the learner more confident and interested in school works, both curricular and extra-curricular. His/Her creativity and ability to analyze problems will be improved considerably.
Arithmetic skill can be trained in different ways. However, resolving a mathematical problem quickly and accurately is not always accomplished by every child. The abacus math program complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in schools, and helps students to overcome the fears of mathematics, if any, and gain confidence. Evidence shows that those who have taken the abacus math program would have the following advantages:
Improved comprehension in math
Better and faster calculation skills
Better problem solving skills
Clearer logic reasoning
More attentive to instructions
Keener listening skill
Sharper memory
Better reflexes
Stronger mental formation skills
Improved confidence and self-esteem
Better endurance of stress and pressure
Better and faster calculation skills
Outcome of the abacus math program will also influence and be transferred to other subjects.

15.   Any pros and cons for a student to start the abacus math classes at a younger or older age?

The advantages shown earlier as a result of abacus learning will be observed for all students of about 5 to 10 years old. In addition, the computation and mental picture training is of great help to their brain development - the younger the more significant. The differences of pros and cons for students of various ages only show up during the process of learning.
Pros for younger beginners (7 years and younger): The benefits may start to show in just a few weeks. The student will comprehend and be prepared for a math level equivalent to 2nd or even 3rd school grade in a year.
Cons for younger beginners (7 years and younger): it may take a longer time for the student to comprehend the basic skills for abacus math. Children in this age range, however, generally have better memories than logical thinking. It may actually confuse them if parents try to make them fully understand the computation. Instead, they still can jump start the abacus training by memorizing the abacus rhymes first.
Pros for older beginners (8 years and older): it should be fairly easy for them to comprehend the idea of the basic skills for the abacus math. Although it will take about the same amount of class hours for everybody to learn the fundamental abacus techniques, the older kids can jump to several levels up from Level 10 (the lowest level) to begin their repeated training on both abacus and mental math. At this moment, most of the kids are well ahead of those younger kids who started at the same time and compensate the years that they did not start the abacus math learning.
Cons for older beginners (8 years and older): They may not feel much challenge at the Beginning/Exploring stage because of the simple number relationship. Often time, they will still use the traditional way that they were taught in school to solve the simple addition and subtraction questions. If so, it will take more time for them to use the abacus and get the benefit of using the abacus way for calculations. They will not be much motivated to verify the Times Tables using the abacus way since they may already memorize all of the Times Tables

Abacus Maths Training in Australia

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Rocket Maths FAQ


1.       What is Vedic Maths?
 It is an ancient system of maths from India that has been recently reconstructed. And it’s a complete system which is much more coherent and easier than the conventional maths.

2.       What is “Vedic”?
 ‘Vedic’ means from the Vedas, which are ancient Indian texts, written in Sanskrit and dated between 300 BC and 7000 BC. 
 There are 4 Vedas: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Vedic Maths is from the Atharva Veda. 
 The word ‘Veda’ also means ‘knowledge’.

3.       Is it in use? Has it been tested?
 Yes, it has been taught at a number of schools and other institutions in UK, USA, India etc., with great success. Pupils taught Vedic Maths tend to do better than other children, even getting maths awards.

4.       Does it apply in all areas of maths? Does it apply at advanced levels?
 “Vedic Maths applies in all areas of pure and applied maths”. Various books apply Vedic Maths to calculus, trigonometry, solution of polynomial, differential, transcendental equations, astronomy etc. A course has been written covering the National Curriculum for England and Wales

5.       Isn’t Vedic Maths just tricks?
 Definitely not. Vedic Maths is a complete system of math.

6.       How does this method support the math education that the child is currently receiving in school?
 Having more than one way of doing a calculation gives a deeper insight and understanding of numbers. The mental approach we take also does this and improves their mental agility, memory and gives them confidence.

7.       Won’t it confuse my child to learn two methods for the same thing?
 Children don’t get confused when they learn a second language. In fact, it helps them to understand language and its structure and grammar better. Similarly children don’t get confused by learning another method of calculation. In fact it gives them a deeper understanding of numbers and the way they work.


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