NOW CENTRE OPEN IN Carlingford. Running classes at TOONGABBIE, WESTMEAD, PENDLE HILL, PEMULWAY, BENDIGO, GLADSVILLE, ROPES CROSSING, KELLYVILLE - JUNIOR ABACUS (3-5 years), ABACUS (5-12 years), CHESS, VEDIC MATHEMATICS(World fastest calculation), Brain gym exercise, Handwriting improvement program COMPLETE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT FOR YOUR KIDS.


EKA Abacus Franchise Program Vedic Maths Training Handwriting program Abacus Calligraphy Training Abacus Chess Quick Calculation Program Speed Writing Program Brain Gym Exercises Both Hand Writing Memory Games Programs

EKA Abacus Australia

Abacus is the first calculating device which is helpful to improve the speed of calculation. The computer and calculator seems to have replaced the human brain in calculation with the help of abacus concept. The child solves the maths calculation in few minutes with help of this instrument. In today’s world abacus helps to develop the human brain. We can solve easily addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the help of abacus instrument.


In today's fast and growing world it is quite essential for our kids to move with the pace and trend of time where we need to mold...


Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the vedas...

Government Award!!

We were finalist in NEW Business Local Award !!!!...


Every person/child/parent wants that his/her Handwriting should be impressive . EKA HANDWRITING PROGRAM provides you...

Abacus Student Performance

Are You Right Brained Or Left Brained?

Increase Brain Power - How to work out your brain and get smarter

Quick Calculation Demo by Abacus 'D' Maths Academy Students


Make Your Child Faster Then Calculator

  • Better Concentration
  • Memory Improvement
  • Confidence
  • Memory Games
  • Speed Writing
  • Develop Creativy
  • Both hand writing
  • Improve Learing Ability

EKA Abacus Franchise

EKA Abacus offers an excellent business opportunity for all dynamic housewife’s, young men and exciting running institute settled abroad who wish to Join Abacus 'D' Maths family as business associates. We offered a High returns Profits in Low investment and well balance training for Abacus Franchise and Vedic Maths Franchise Programs also two supporting Free Franchise courses Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy Program.

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