Vedic Maths/Rocket Maths

"Vedic Maths/Rocket Maths" is the name given to the ancient system of mathematics, or to be more precise, a unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles. Therefore, any mathematical problem, be it arithmetic, algebra, geometry or trigonometry, it can be solved, in your head. The system is based on 16 Vedic sutras, aphorisms or definitions, which are word based formulae describing natural ways of solving a whole range of mathematical problems. Vedic Maths is a mental tool for calculation, which encourages the development and use of intuition and innovation while giving students a lot of flexibility, fun, and satisfaction.

Users of this striking method of mathematical problem solving convey that Vedic Maths is far more systematic, coherent, and unified.

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 Removes fear and develops an interest in maths;it enhances scholarship exam performance, and facilitates creativity through patterns, observation, & recognition.

 Enriches knowledge and understanding of mathematics, which shows clear links and continuity between different branches of mathematics

 Methods come as an advantage for all competitive exams, such as Management, Banking, Engineering, as mathematics problems can be solved with higher accuracy and speed

 Vedic Maths/Rocket Maths helps student complete calculations faster than the conventional techniques, giving them a competitive edge for exams.

 A natural way of working can be learnt and mastered with ease, in a very short time

 Provides a set of independent cross-checking methods

 Adds the element of choice and flexibility and develops clarity of mind and intuition

 Leads to improvement in mental ability, sharpness, creativity, and intellect

 Problems are reduced to one-line answers

 Solves sums faster with the Abacus training

 Removes dependence on calculators and other technology

 Complements maths curriculum taught in schools

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