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Einstein Kidz Abacus (EKA) was established in Australia in 2014. EKA is led by an accomplished international educator, with many years of experience and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. EKA is founded on the principles of engaging children through integrated educational methods that build on students’ strengths to foster their full mental capability & potential. Our dedicated educators are specially selected based on these principles, ensuring that they have an aptitude for enhancing individualised learning, using holistic teaching methods to harness a child's ability for a successful academic career.

EKA recognises that children are increasingly challenged with growing expectations in the education sector where children as young as 4-years-old are required in obtaining essential skills for their development. We are passionate in providing children with the right tools and appropriate skills to meet these expectations and to drive highly successful educational outcomes. Our program is specifically designed with the Australian curriculum in mind and works on developing the fundamental functions of each hemisphere of the brain to work in unison, enhancing children ability to use their brain optimally.

Our primary objective is to develop child's mathematical skills and speed of mental computing by way of holistic brain integration, using the Soroban. This calculating tool, also known as an Abacus, has been around for centuries. Its proficiencies go well beyond mathematics alone, increasing one's intellectual ability, confidence, engagement and lateral thinking skills in all aspects of the curriculum. The Abacus develops the body's fundamental senses to learn and create pictorial memory which enhances the mental ability and speed in computing mental calculations. EKA has proven results that demonstrate an Abacus-trained child will compute faster than a child using a calculator on most occasions with mental calculations alone.


 Learning in a fun, engaging, safe environment.

 Enhances concentration and focusing ability.

 Improves memory.

 Accelerates mental calculation speed.

 Develops lateral thinking.

 Increases confidence and class participation.

 Progresses learning ability across the curriculum.

 Improves literacy and numeracy.

 Increases visual ability.

 Increases mental agility.

 Removes dependence on electronic devices.

 Maximises use of our brain power.

 Develops brain integration.

 Reinforces the love of maths.

 Develops sensory learning.

 Improves behaviour.

 Improves engagement when challenged.

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